Valerie Schmidt

Valerie Schmidt.  On Sunday, June 11, OWL Board President-Elect Valerie Schmidt spoke to 32 high school student-leaders at St. Andrew's Schools’ annual Kulia Camp. Val shared three stories—one about the importance of mentors, the second about the importance of supporting and mentoring others, and the third about the importance of “paying it forward.”
Val was able to join the student-leaders for lunch, during which time the junior class leadership team asked Val if they could sit with her and share their goals and dreams for the coming year.
The next morning, the girls awoke to an email from Val that praised them for their initiative and willingness to share their goals and dreams. Included in the email was a pledge of support from Val to begin funding their first initiative! Needless to say, the girls were surprised, inspired, and elated.
The girls were so fortunate to have spent an afternoon with Val who is an outstanding example of leadership, mentorship, and paying it forward!