Sunshine Topping


— by Jennifer Grems

What We Heard — Sunshine Topping

This month’s guest speaker was Sunshine Topping. Sunshine is a seasoned Human Resources executive who is passionate about leadership—especially the development of women leaders. She shared her story about the road she’s traveled from humble beginnings on Hawaiian homestead lands to becoming an organizational leader at Hawaiian Telcom.

Since leaving Hawaiian Telcom, Sunshine said she is learning how to be more purposeful and intentional. And here is what she shared with our Organization of Women Leaders about being effective leaders and mentors:

·      Understand what people’s contributions are to the company. Once you understand what your people do, you can manage and appreciate them for their contributions, not the amount of time they spend in the office.

·      Trust your people. Grow this concept and recognize people for their contributions.

·      Do good work. Be confident in your competence--it matters.

·      Take responsibility

·      Network

·      Get active in the community--get involved and help other people.