What We Heard: Virginia M. Pressler, MD, MBA, FACS

Virginia M. Pressler, MD, MBA, FACS
Director of Health,
State of Hawaii Department of Health

by Pam Harms

Dr. Virginia Pressler, an accomplished leader, physician, and volunteer in our community, provided a very informative discussion on the current Zika virus outbreak.  As the State of Hawaii Director of Health, Dr. Pressler is leading Hawaii's efforts to protect Hawaii from this mosquito-borne disease.  

Dr Pressler explained several ways in which we can all "Fite the Bite," the name of Hawaii's current campaign.  We can eliminate mosquito breading areas at home by getting rid of standing water, fixing leaky faucets and hoses, and repairing our screens and windows.  Additionally, we can prevent mosquito bites by using insect repellents while traveling, wearing long sleeves, pants, and socks, and avoiding areas with mosquitoes, such as shady, damp locations and standing water.

During her talk, Dr. Pressler also provided her insights on women as leaders and mentors.  She explained how she has navigated the often demanding jobs of a physician and now State Director of Health, while at the same time raising her two children.  She is truly an inspiration to all who were present at our July luncheon.

For additional resources, contact numbers, and information on how to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, visit FightTheBiteHawaii.com.